•  Twin Lakes Thunder Rally is located in Mountain   Home, Arkansas


•  This charity-driven motorcycle rally offers the best in ride routes, music, food and fun.


•  Your contribution is tax deductible, and the rally's focus on charitable giving is an opportunity to generate positive news stories and announcements for your company.


•  We are a family-friendly event.  Therefore, sponsorship allows your company to reach a variety of consumers, not just those of the motorcycle community, who use your company’s products and services.


•  The estimated median household income of the average motorcycle enthusiasts is $85,000.  The majority of motorcyclists is between 25 and 65 years old and has an enormous collective purchasing power.


•  In addition to motorcyclists, our region is a destination for vacationers, fishermen and hunters.


•  With a continual annual attendance growth and increased marketing efforts, both regionally and nationally, Twin Lakes Thunder Rally provides vast opportunities for sponsorship value.


•  Proceeds of Twin Lakes Thunder Rally will be donated to Alpha House, our local men’s shelter.


• Support the Twin Lakes community by sponsoring our biker rally!



VisionAmp Marketing


Baxter Insurance


Carter & Sons


Harley Davidison Motorcycles of Jonesboro


Mountain Home Advertising & Promotions Commission


Carl Waynes Nurseries, Inc.




Glazers Beer & Beverage


Ultimate Auto Mart of Springfield, Missouri

Mountain Home

Advertising & Promotions Commission

Glazers Beer & Beverage
Ultimate Auto Mart

twin lakes thunder rally

ocotber 26-29 | FREE ADMISSION

BAxter COunty Fairgrounds

mountain home, ar

Twin Lakes Thunder Rally  |  Built by VisionAmp Marketing